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18th Century 5/8 This is an 18th century violin-corner 5/8 bass possibly Italian with round back. It comes with David Gage appraisal papers, and was the professional instrument of retired long-time Boston Pops player.

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18th cent. Italy? $10K-$20K Sold
Austrian - flat Back - 19th century 19th cent. Austria $10K-$20K No Longer Available
Tyrolean - with extension - late 19th Century 19th centu No Longer Available
Enrico Ceruti This is a 3/4 size double-bass with violin corners, made by Enrico Ceruti

19th centu Italy over $20K No Longer Available
Abraham Prescott - Busetto - 3-string - 1820 the twin to the 4 string busetto, but made in Deerfield NH 1820 USA Not For Sale Personal Collection
Abraham Prescott (c. 1830) - Concord, NH This is an Abraham Prescott (Concord, NH) 3/4 size gamba model double-bass, and dates from about 1830.
1830 USA over $20K Sold
Gaetanus Dionelli - Flatback - 1831 Gaetanus Dionelli (Mantua) - Flatback - 1831 1831 Italy $10K-$20K Consignment
Abraham Prescott - 4/4 busetto model Abraham Prescott 4/4 busetto model - 4 string - made in Concord NH ca. 1835 1835 USA over $20K Pre-Owned
Abraham Prescott - gamba Not original neck 1836 USA $10K-$20K Sold
French Bass - unlabeled French double-bass made 1850 - unlabeled
Jacquet school
1850 France over $20K Pre-Owned
Hungarian Small 5-string (mid 1800s) This bass formerly belonged to the Munich Syphony Orchestra. 1850 Hungary $10K-$20K Sold
German Round Back This is a German Round Back 3/4 size bass, and is labeled "Stephan Thumhart in Amberg 1857" 1857 Germany $5K-$10K Pre-Owned
Tyrolean round back formerly owned by Joe Benjamin bassist with Duke Ellington and Dave Brubeck in the 1950's 1860 Germany $10K-$20K New Arrival
Friedrich Diehl 5/8 This beautiful little bass was made in Augsburg Germany in 1874. We found it in Prague. 1874 Germany $10K-$20K Sold
German Flat-Back 1880 Germany $10K-$20K Pre-Owned
Tyrolean 5/8 round back ex-Boston Ballet 1890 Tyrol (Germany) $3K-$5K Sold
German Roundback German Roundback - circa 1890 1890 Germany $5K-$10K Sold
Bohemian Flatback 1890 Bohemia (czech) $5K-$10K Pre-Owned
Bohemian with violin corners needs restoration 1890 bohemia $10K-$20K Coming Available
German Round back This is a German 3/4 size bass, made by Egon Piegendorfer in 1898 and has a round-back 1898 Germany $10K-$20K Sold
German Flatback excellent sound, older work not so nice, great potential at a low price 1900 Germany $5K-$10K Consignment
German flatback 3/4 This is a German Flat-Back 3/4 size double-bass with gamba corners. 1900 Germany $10K-$20K Pre-Owned
Mystery Italian Bass needs restoration 1900 Itlay? Not For Sale Coming Available
Johan Braun (Mittenwald) Johan Braun (Mittenwald) - 1900 - sloped shoulders 1900 Germany $10K-$20K Pre-Owned
Bohemian Flatback This is a 3/4 size Bohemian flatback double-bass from about 1900. 1900 Bohemia (czech) $10K-$20K Sold
German Round Back This is a 3/4 size double-bass with round back - made circa 1900, french style , nice Jazz Bass 1900 France? $5K-$10K Sold
Louis Dolling Jr - 5 string full size violin corner model made in Markneukirchen 1903 Germany over $20K Pre-Owned
Bohemian Round back fantastic sounding bass, especially for Jazz 1910 Bohemia (czech) $10K-$20K Sold
German - Round Back small bodied 3/4 bass, violin corner model 1910 Germany $5K-$10K Under Restoration
G A Pfretzschner (Markneukirchen) 3/4 Flat back This is a 3/4 size flatback, gamba shaped double-bass made by G A Pfretzschner (Markneukirchen) - circa 1920 1920 Germany $3K-$5K Sold
Bohemian Roundback Bohemian Violin Corner Roundback - circa 1920 1920 Bohemia (czech) $5K-$10K Consignment
Red Gamba Bass ugly duck No.2, older work not so nice, low price 1920 Germany $3K-$5K Sold
German Amati Copy wonderful smaller bass with big warm sound. sloping shoulders 1920 Germany $5K-$10K Sold
German Gamba Round Back 1920 Germany $5K-$10K Sold
German Flat Back 5/8 This is a German Flat Back 5/8 size double-bass with gamba corners, and dates from about 1920. 1920 Germany $5K-$10K No Longer Available
German - Markneukirchen Violin Cornered German Bass - Markneukirchen (ca. 1925) 1925 $5K-$10K Consignment
German Hybrid flat back 1930 Germany $3K-$5K Pre-Owned
Red German 1930 Germany Sold
King Mortone plywood "King Mortone" 3/4 size bass, made by the H. N. White Company of Cleveland, Ohio and dates from the 1930s 1930 USA under $3K Sold
Filippo Zanisi A very nice bass. Old style wooden tuners and stained maple fingerboard and tail piece.
Labeled to be made in Cremona Italy in 1935.
1935 Italy $10K-$20K New Arrival
German Round Back "The Ugly Duckling" - a German 3/4 size bass, made around 1940 and has a round-back. 1940 Germany Sold
Framus Cutaway fully carved, great rockabilly or swing bass, conversation piece! 1950 Germany $3K-$5K Pre-Owned
Kay S9 "Swingmaster" This one is sold. Other Kays fequently come in. Check with us. 1950 USA under $3K Sold
Framus Cutaway fully carved black with white binding, great rockabilly or swing bass, conversation piece! 1954 Germany $5K-$10K Sold
John Juzek 7/8 bass gamba shape, with c-extension, adjustable bridge 1960 Germany $5K-$10K Consignment
John Juzek Gamba shape - round back; a 3/4 size double-bass by John Juzek. It was made in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1962. It is gamba-shaped, and has a medium flamed maple round back. 1962 Czechoslovakia Sold
John Juzek This is a German 3/4 size double-bass with gamba corners, and dates from about 1965. 1965 Germany $5K-$10K Sold
Erich Grünert gamba model 1970 Germany $5K-$10K Pre-Owned
Romanian Flatback 3/4 a 3/4 size Romanian Flatback - ca. 1970 - made in Musikinstrumentenfabrik Reghin 1970 Romania under $3K Pre-Owned
Conrad A. Götz violin corner model; re-graduated by Nahrmann Bass Shop 1971 Germany $5K-$10K Consignment
Pöllmann Busetto with ornaments - Neumarkt - St. Veit by Günther Kramer, excellent sound and condition 1973 Germany $10K-$20K Sold
Eberhard Meinel 7/8 Very good sounding bass with lots of bottom. The "factory look" is deceiving. Made in Musima shop Markneukirchen germany. Great value. 1980 Germany $5K-$10K Pre-Owned
Juzek - violin corners 1980 Germany $5K-$10K No Longer Available
Romanian Flat-Back (regraduated) excellent sounding bass after regraduation 1980 Romania $5K-$10K Sold
Kai Arvi This is Kai's second bass. It has been in continuous use with the Boston Pops and other professional Orchestras in the Area. 1981 Canada $10K-$20K No Longer Available
"Jorge Vazques de Anda" - (ex. Gary Karr) This is a bass made by Jorge Vazques de Anda, and won the Silver Medal at the Cremona violin makers' competition. Gary Karr played a concert on this bass. 1985 Mexico $5K-$10K Sold
Azola - Bugbass electric upright 1990 USA under $3K Sold
Romanian Flatback 1/8th size Romanian Flatback - ca. 1990 "ENESCO" Bucharest
Cello sized!
1990 Romania under $3K Pre-Owned
202 - Korean carved top, carved back - 1/2 size
*(includes moooradian Bag)
Traded back in for bigger bass
1994 Korea under $3K Sold
Kolstein "Panormo" 7/8 size roughed out in Romania, finished in NY. Loud, big sound. 1994 Romania/USA $5K-$10K Pre-Owned
Romanian Roundback 1/2 size Romanian Roundback - ca. 1995 "ROMA" 1995 Romania under $3K Sold
Italian Solo Bass made in Cremona Italy by mexican born maker 1995 italy $10K-$20K Consignment