In The Nahrmann Bass Shop we specialize in basses only, and have the experience, proper tools and materials to take care of all necessary repairs up to full restorations of your bass. We strive to bring your bass to its full potential, be it an old Kay or a 300 year old Italian bass. We also offer bow re-hair and repair service.

 Click here to see images and information of current and past restorations.

We offer a wide range of instruments and accessories from newly made to pre-owned, modern to antique. If bass players use it, we have it. Please feel free to call or email if you have questions about any instruments or accessories.

In addition to our own basses, we also have consignment basses. The Nahrmann Bass Shop is a great place to trade in your old bass or put your instrument up for consignment sale.

Bass and flight case rentals are available. If you are coming to the North East and need an instrument to use during your musical engagement, please call or email ahead of time and we can make the appropriate arrangements.

The list of our past customers ranges from professional players in major symphony orchestras to part-time amateur musicians. Being a working musician, in both the Jazz and Classical worlds, I understand the specific needs of various style players first hand and can address them in your set-up or repair.

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